What Has ASB Been Up To?

Ever since Covid-19 forced schools to shut down, it seems the presence of ASB has disappeared. Other than the occasional Instagram posts and the introduction of Youtube Podcasts by the chosen daily announcers, students have not yet heard of when ASB will be back in touch with students. 

Meetings, instead of in-class, are now done in different ways due to the new COVID guidelines set for schools. “ASB meetings are conduct[ed] via Zoom, as well as half in person and half online. it’s very difficult to meet as a whole during these unfortunate times,” says Jayde Rubright, Junior Class Vice President. “Distanced learning has split us in half, so it’s difficult to get certain things done when some people in certain commissions go in person on the different days the others do.” 

Other than the difficulties of conducting meetings, ASB has been unable to put on events that involve all students. To compensate, the council has so far put on a virtual dress up day as well as post to their Instagram page, @cmhsasb. “We’ve been trying to reach out [to our] audience via social media. We post our weekly morning announcements, senior of the week, recognition of athletes and artists, as well as updates of school activities. We also post our podcasts on our Youtube channel.”