Who will Win the 2024 Puskas Award?

The 2024 Puskas Award is already in play, with many spectators watching as they decide which soccer player will win this 2024 award. Although the award is announced next year, which is right around the corner, this has not stopped spectators from expressing who will be the winner for this award.

The Puskas Award was an award established in 2009 by the Federation Internationale de Football Association, widely known as FIFA, to be awarded to a male or female soccer player with the most beautiful or “aesthetically pleasing” goal in the calendar year. 

This award is in honor of professional Hungarian soccer player, Ferenc Puskas, who was a striker for Real Madrid back in the 1950s to the late 1960s. He was widely known for being one of the most significant players on the field produced in first-division football, achieving 806 goals in 739 games.

This award has been ideal to many soccer players choosing how they want to score on the field when they get the opportunity to. Many people’s eyes have been on Alejandro Garnacho, who plays as a forward for Manchester United F.C.

Garnacho scored a beautiful bicycle kick against Everton on November 26. Many were stunned to see such a beautiful goal delivered from him, a young, diligent player for United. His probability of achieving this award is at large because of how significantly clean and pleasing it was.

Another player who has a great deal of winning is Federico Dimarco, who plays for Inter Milan. During a game between Inter and Frosinone during the end of the first half, Dimarco scored a stunning goal all the way from the halfway line. It was remarkably 56 meters away from the opposing opponents goal, successfully making it into the net. 

Many have been and still are placing their bets on who will win the award, making their mark on who deserves it, debating between players such as Garnacho, an improving 19-year-old player, to Dimarco, a 26-year-old player who’s impression on the field since day one has remarked on his performances. Now with progress, it comes to the decision of who will win this award.