What Makes A Good Teacher?

A student's perspective on a teacher will most likely be how they think about that class and how well they do in that class. 

Due to this, many students have different opinions on what makes a teacher a good teacher. 

One student said that “A good teacher is one who is really engaged and fun to have as a teacher because the more fun they are it is easy to learn from and stay paying attention.” 

They also said that “a teacher that is patient when it comes to not understanding times and a one that listens,also one that has a friendly attitude.”

Another student claims, “When I walk into a good teacher's classroom I don't want to be forced to be there. I want to be there, I am excited to be there and pay attention.”

However, students aren’t the only ones with opinions on what makes a teacher stand out. 

Mr. Macdonald, a history and avid teacher, at Mesa, has his own thoughts.

 “A good thing to have when being a teacher is a good connection with the students to be able to form a bond and get as much out of each student,” he said. “It is really hard [thing] to teach to teachers, so having that is an important part [the process].”

Along with this, Mr. Hancock, CMHS’s Journalism teacher, had an opinion on the subject. 

“When teaching a subject and you see a student not understanding or completely blank of thoughts, instead of saying you need to be paying attention, think of the big picture: why are they not paying attention to what is happening?” Hancock says. 

“That is one of the few things that makes a good teacher."