Mesa’s Got Talent

On March 2nd, some very brave and talented students shined at our very own “Mesa’s Got Talent” talent show, presented by CMHS Guitar Club. There were a variety of acts including singing, dancing, piano, guitar, and more, each of them unique in their own way. 

The hosts were Mrs. Nguyen-Kung and Mrs. Marvin, making the show extra fun to watch with their corny jokes and enthusiasm between acts. 

There were three judges, Mrs. Soldin, Miss Flati, and Mrs. Marchbank to choose the top three acts of the night. 

Winning 3rd place was Jessica Ramirez who played “River Flows in You” on piano. Salsa dancing her way into 2nd place was Cassandra Raya.

Winning first place and a “Mesa’s Got Talent" trophy was Joseph Hufford and Sam Hernandez. Joseph played his guitar while Sam sang to “Jar of Hearts.” 

Here is a list of all of the performers of the night:

-Kanye D’Oliveira, Rolando De Leon Marroquin, Kai Huang, Veta Allen, Zophia Leone, and Elliot Streiff performed “Isn’t She Lovely”

- Logan Bell and Rosie Bagnara sang “Something Stupid”

-Jessica Ramirez played “River Flows in You” on piano

-Paula Pulido Moreno sang “Como Quien Pier de Una Estrella”

-Mrs. Kaska danced to a song from the movie “Napoleon Dynamite”

-Jeremiah Vargas sang “Stay with Me”

-Kevin Cardona played “La Llorona” on guitar

-Andreas Kreidler sang and danced to “Frosty the Snowman”

-Hannah Lund sang and played guitar to “You Say”

-Kanye D’Oliveira, Rolando De Leon Marroquin, Kai Huang, and Zophia performed “Black Sheep”

-Joseph Hufford and Sam Hernandez played guitar and sang to “Jar of Hearts”

-Cassandra Raya danced to “Salsaton”

“My favorite part about doing Mesa’s Got Talent was being able to go out and try something I’ve never done before,” said Hannah Lund, a junior who performed in the talent show. “As someone who’s traditionally been shy my whole life, going out and singing on a stage was a super fun opportunity that I’m glad I got to try. And I loved being supported by people who inspired me as well.” 

Good job and congratulations to all of the students (and teachers) who pushed themselves and participated in this year’s Mesa’s Got Talent!