Everything You Need To Know About Outer Banks Season 3

This Article contains spoilers.


Since the beginning Pogues vs Kooks. In season 3, there’s a lot going on- from Big John Routlegde being found alive, to Sarah Cameron cheating on John B, to Ward Cameron dying, the show quickly picks up from where it left off. Along the way to finding the gold, they encounter new obstacles they have to overcome, which delivers a lot of exciting action. 


An unfamiliar and unexpected man spots the Pogues on “Pougelandia” and rescues them and the group soon learns that he has a plan of his own while on his helicopter. Kiara gets split up from the group and they head off to find her on this island. 


Rafe and Kiara are brought together by Carlos Singh who is bloodthirsty for the gold. Mr. Singh’s reason for wanting the gold so badly is because of his ancestors, so they won't die without vengeance. 


All throughout trying to find Kiara, John B hears the sound that his dad used to call him in for the night. Rafe and Kiara escape Mr. Singh, Rafe tells Kiara that they can escape using his boat, she agrees but then pushes him in. 


Right as everyone is about to head off on Rafes boat, John B decides to finally check out the sound, sure enough it’s his dad. Big John Routledgfe is alive. John B and his dad catch up, However Big John Routledge doesn’t answer all of his questions. 


By now, Kiara and Pope have been separated and Cleo starts to make a move on Pope. Rafe gets a call from Ward that he needs him to handle family business in Outer Banks because he can’t do it himself. Ward decides that he wants to donate the cross, but Rafe takes it into his own hands and melts down the cross of Santo Domingo. When Pope finds out, he is furious because the cross of Santo Domingo belonged to him and his ancestors. Cleo calms him down and tells him he should think about shooting Rafe and what the consequences would be. 


Sarah has lost her family, her home and money. She asks Kiara if she can stay with her but her parents get into a fight talking about Kitty Hawk boarding school. She asks her ex-boyfriend, Topper, if she could stay with him.


 In the morning Topper is driving Sarah back and bumps into her old Kook friends, she gets invited to a Kook bonfire. Later on at the bonfire Sarah and Topper makeout. Kiara’s parents are having a little party for their restaurant “The Wreck”, Sarah is present, John B goes up to Sarah and they have a talk about what happened. He’s furious and tells Sarah that his dad has been kidnapped by Mr. Singh and is somewhere in South Africa. 


A few days later Mike and Anne Carreara decide to send their daughter to Kitty Hawk boarding school. The Kitty Hawk employees show up and drag Kiarra away. Meanwhile everyone is boarding the plane provided by Ward to go to South Africa, when JJ finds out the news he speeds to the camp. 


Ward, Sarah, John B, Pope, and Cleo have to go on without them. On the way JJ bumps into a man he owed a favor for, he makes a deal with him. JJ arrives at Kitty Hawk and sneaks Kiara out, the next thing they know they are on their way to South Africa. 


When Ward’s plane lands, Ward tries to come saying, “You don’t know what you're dealing with, Mr. Singh is too dangerous.” Sarah refuses his help and tells him to get back into the plane. He tricks her by going back up into the plane but will show up later. The group gets split up. 


Cleo, Kiara, Pope, and JJ are together. John B, Sarah, and Big Routledge are together running from Singh, they are about to take a boat up to the mountain when they encounter Ward. Big John Routledge is furious because Ward tried to kill him before to have all the gold for himself but they have to keep quiet since Singh is right there. 


They arrive at the mountain and Ward says that he is too weak to go all the way up the mountain and therefore he would stay there and signal them with a sparkler if Singh was nearby. He won’t end up keeping this promise. 


As John B, Big John, and Sarah, are making their way up the mountain and find the 4 points and in the 4 points is where you place the statue of El Dorado. They come upon this, place the statue, and they have the test which they pass but Big John was hesitating because he said he didn’t trust any Cameron which Sarah was. The moon hits the statue and its eyes glow in the direction where El Dorado is. It starts raining and Singh and his men show up in the bushes. In the shadows is Ward to no surprise. Singh’s men open fire and turn on Ward too. John B, Sarah, and Big John run into the cave where the eyes are pointing. 


They come across a body of water in the cave and think it's a dead end. John B steps into the water and discovers it goes deeper then Sarah finds a handprint which is a helpful symbol they are in the right place. 


Big John gives them 4 waterproof sparkles and tells them each one is 20 minutes and to go into the cave and finish the mission without him because he is shot. Sarah and John B swim into the cave then think it’s a dead end again. Sarah remembers a phrase that you don’t need light to see. They shut off a sparkler and can see where they are now. They head to a part of the cave they have to jump over, they continue and find the gold. Piles and Piles of gold. They did it, and they found El Dorado. They grab a bunch of gold and put it in their bag. 


As Sarah and John B are coming up Mr. Singh arrives and tries to get their hand on the gold but doesn’t get any. Big John reaches and throws dynamite and they make a run for it. All but Mr. Singh, who tries to put out the dynamite but gets blown up. One of Singh’s men is lurking outside but so is Ward. He takes a bullet for all of them and dies by pushing both himself and Singh’s men off the cliff. Later on Big John Routledge dies from the bullet.

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