Make Studying For Finals Practically Stress Free Using These Tips

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Finals week is coming up and everyone is tense. But, don’t start rushing to your computers and worksheets to fill yourself with stress, because we’ve got a bunch of pointers for you on how to make studying more tolerable from our own mesa teachers.

Eighth grade english teacher Miss Garcia suggests, “study for spurts of time and take breaks so you don’t burn out,’ while Miss Bradshaw, a substitute on our campus, points out that you don’t want to, “...wait for the last minute... if you wait 1 to 2 nights before, you’ll be overwhelmed.“

Contrary to popular student belief, teachers don’t think listening to music helps you study. Seventh grade history teacher, Mr. Taylor, says, “don’t listen to music while studying, in a study they proved that you won’t retain as much information. Also don’t forget to not stress.“

Now, you may be asking yourself, “how can I possibly not stress?” Well, one of our teachers has an exact tip for that. Eighth grade/high school AP history teacher, Mrs. Gonzalez, said, “prioritize your finals in order, schedule your study time… Which days are you studying for each class? Make a plan.”

If you’ve already done these things, why not put yourself in the shoes of a teacher teaching the subject your learning? Middle and high school art teacher, Mrs. Ames, suggests that we “reward ourselves with treats… Maybe grab your friend or sibling and ‘teach’ them what you’re going to use on the test, using the skills you have and/or know. “

 Overall, our tips are simple yet extremely helpful. Just remember to take breaks during studying, don’t wait until the last minute, don’t listen to music, prioritize your classes, phone a friend, use study guides, and sleep.