How to Keep Up With Late Work


If you have been out in the past few weeks, you definitely have a list of late assignments that need to be done. Here are some guidelines that I follow to turn my zeros into credit.

1. If you’re doing your work at night, don’t do your nightly routine until after you’ve completed your desired portion of work.

2. Find a good playlist.

3. Find a workspace, preferably an area resembling a desk. It’s most important that it is NOT your bed.

4. Either enable “Do Not Disturb” and place your phone face down out of sight, under papers, across the room, or power it off.

5. Organize all of your missing assignments on a piece of paper by class period.

6. I like to do a couple of smaller assignments before I get into the more time consuming tasks to “motivate” myself into developing a rhythm.

7. Take a 10-15 minute break after every focused hour and a 5 minute break after every smaller assignment.

8.Fill out any “Latework Logs” as you go.

9.Make sure to eat, drink, and rest your eyes.

10. Do not stress about any of the work on your list. It’s very important to remember that the assignments that you’re doing now are going to be completely and totally irrelevant in less than a year.