Get to know Officer Peralta

This year, CMHS hired a new School Resource Officer: Officer Peralta.

Peralta grew up in Orange County and has known she’s wanted to be a cop since the age of fourteen, when she attended a military enforcement high school.

After graduating from both high school and college, she needed a bit of a break before continuing on to what she’d dreamed of doing for so many years. She gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, and then after a while got back on track to becoming a cop.

Peralta has been in the federal district for six years, where she served four years as a street cop and two years as a jail officer. She is excited to now be working in her hometown of Costa Mesa.

However, being a cop isn’t the only interesting thing about Officer Peralta.

She's been to many places around the world, such as Jamaica, Cancun, and Cabo.

During her free time she loves to cook for her family and attend sporting events. She even plays baseball and hockey!

Her favorite baseball team (obviously the best team out there) is the Angels. 

Officer Peralta’s goals at CMHS include making connections with students and giving us a different perspective on law enforcement.