How Big is Fortnite?

If you've ever heard of the worldwide game Fortnite it's because it's the biggest game out right now and it's still skyrocketing in people playing the game. According to a quick google search there are about 40 million people playing the game around the world. Fortnite is so popular that people live stream themselves playing the game and make thousands of dollars a stream. So many people play the game Epic Games the company behind Fortnite released a mobile version for IOS and Samsung galaxy devices. Epic games was worth a whopping $825 million dollars before July of 2018 when it became worth about $4.5 billion dollars. Two Fortnite professionals made 400,000 in the summer of 2018 for placing 1st place and being the #1 duo in the tournament. consoles you can play the game on include: The Xbox one, Playstation 4, Nintendo switch, Pc, and IOS & Samsung galaxy devices.