Could This Be One of the Greatest Years of NFL Playoffs We’ve Ever Seen?

Football fans everywhere come together on the couch to partake in the annual festivities of watching playoff football. There is always a new narrative every year that keeps the tradition refreshing and interesting, but this year, fans are gifted with some of the most wonderful entertainment the football world has experienced in arguably a long time. 

One of the first features of the excitement is the first Championship Round that will not include All-Pro Quarterbacks Aaron Rodgers or Tom Brady for the first time in 12 years, setting the stage for new contenders to take a stab at the conference title.

The current teams in contention fighting for a Super Bowl spot are the juggernaut Kansas City Chiefs, who have been very prominent in the big stage for the past couple years. Who stands in the way of them? 

One of the greatest underdog stories the sport has ever seen, in the Joe Burrow led Cincinnati Bengals, who finished 4-11-1 last year, placing dead last in their division. They shocked everyone this year by taking their AFC North division, and surpassing the Las Vegas Raiders in the Wild Card Round, and the Tennessee Titans in the Divisional. 

The AFC Conference Title now comes down to the power-house Chiefs, who just won a legendary game against the Buffalo Bills, and the Bengals, who came into the year with zero expectations, now riding high on arguably the most momentum.

On the NFC side of the ball, San Francisco’s 49er’s will duke it out against the Los Angeles’s Rams, taking a long time rivalry into a do or die game. 

LA and San Francisco know each other all too well, as their rivalry is consistent through all their sports teams, boiling the bad blood between both sides. 

San Francisco shocked Green Bay and its fans on their own turf, as they pulled out a 13-10 victory after 49er’s kicker Robbie Gould drove a walk off field goal through the below freezing air and into the uprights, sending the Niners into the next round. 

As for Los Angeles, they took down the 7 time Superbowl champion Tom Brady, and the Buccaneers in Tampa Bay. The table is set, with a superpower taking on an underdog in the AFC, and a historic rivalry fighting for the NFC. Fans will never forget what football had to offer in 2022.