Dancing with The Teachers

The 6th annual Dancing With The Teachers is coming up Friday, January 24th in the theater from 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm. This year's competition is a lip sync battle. If this is your first year participating in the dancing with the teachers, here’s a little rundown of what to expect. At the beginning of the show you will be introduced to the hostess, Mrs. Kaska, along with three to four judges. All throughout the night videos will be displayed on a screen and are able to watch multiple different groups dancing on stage. By the end of the night a winner will be chosen and participate in the next high school rally. Interested? Come on down and vote for your favorite teachers!



Mrs. Thao Nguyen was announced as the winner along with her group of dance students, Issy Holden, Jenna Paxson, Jasmine Diaz, Hollis Welling, Milady Rojas, and Melissa Luna. Congratulations ladies!