California Vs. Texas

Beautiful, sunny California is a great place to be, but one could argue their biggest competition has them beat: Texas. 

With California having a population of 39.5 million and Texas at 28.3 million, there’s lots to discuss in terms of which state is “better.”

There’s only one way to settle this, so let’s compare.


Every state across the nation has its schools they consider their pride and joy, but which state would allow its students to achieve the highest level of success in terms of education?

When it comes to public schools, California spends more per student than Texas but has worse outcomes in scores for math and around the same in reading for students k-4th. On the contrary though, California students score higher than Texas on their SATs. 

The teacher-student ratio in Texas beats California with a 14 to 1, compared to California’s 22 to 1, though it can be argued that this is due to California’s population, with 10 million+ more people than Texas. U.S. News and World Report ranked California 44th for K-12 education overall, while Texas did better coming in 33rd.

Things to Do

When looking for a place to go for a fun vacation, or to reside in permanently, both Texas and California have an abundance of things to do. With California’s astonishing beaches or the Hollywood strip, or Texas’ historical sightings like The Alamo, either would be a good investment.

California has been argued to be one of the best travel destinations in the United States, but what exactly is there to do?

Along with its beautiful beach and boardwalks, California is home to The Hollywood Sign, the single most iconic landmark in cinematic history. Visitors come from all over the world just to snap a picture or see it face-to-face. 

Texas is home to one of the most important historical landmarks in the USA: The Alamo. For all of the history buffs out there, a trip to San Antonio’s pride and joy, where you can go on a tour and watch the live-action remake of The Battle of the Alamo, is something you can’t miss out on.

Both states have important sightings, extravagant bars and nightlife, and much more, so it’s up to the individual to decide which they deem superior. Coming from someone who’s lived in both, I'm going to say it's a draw on this one. 


Bordered by Oregon on the north, Nevada and Arizona to the east, Mexico to the south and the Pacific Ocean to the West, California has some of the most diverse geography across the U.S. Within its boundaries are cliffs, beaches, volcanic lava beds, fertile river valleys, waterfalls, mountains, and deserts.

Texas, while being the most complex natural region, leaves much to be desired with desert valleys, wooded mountain slopes, and desert grasslands. California definitely takes the cake for this one.

Living Expenses/Conditions

California is one of the most, if not the most, expensive places to live in the United states. Although this sounds unappealing for most, living in California gives you access to things you can’t get anywhere else; Views to die for, beaches 10 minutes away, mountains, food, and astonishing cultural diversity. 

The cost of living in California is approximately $2290, which is 1.29 times more expensive than average in the U.S. There are an abundance of reasons why living expenses are so costly, like supply and demand, cost of labor and land, taxes, and more. 

Texas, on the other hand, is almost the opposite. The cost of living in Texas is roughly $1707, and is less expensive than it is on average in the U.S. as a whole. Housing is known for being cheap compared to other places across the country, while also getting quite the bang for your buck. 

If you’re comparing in terms of affordability, Texas is the way to go. Manageable living while also enjoying all of the amenities the Lone Star State has to offer. 

To close, there is no sure-fire way to ensure which state is better. If you’re looking for a life on the coast, here’s sunny California!

But maybe you’d prefer the quiet country life? Texas has got that for you. Both states are diverse with roaring cities making headlines and booming as we speak, tourist destinations, historical artifacts, and so much more. 

So it’s up to their residents, Texas or California?