Auf Wiedersehen, der Kaiser

As we say goodbye to last year and enter this new year, we are faced with a tough goodbye for football legend—Franz Beckenbauer. 

Beckenbauer is a legend that solidified himself in the history of the game. 

As a player, he would achieve great success as he would win two Ballon d’or, four Footballer of the Year, one World Cup, one European Championship, three European Champion Clubs Cups, five German Champion, one Europapokal der Pokalsieger Sieger, four German Cup Winner, one Intercontinental Cup Winner and three Nasl Soccer Bowl Champion. 

This immense level of success is put up with the best of the best and despite the time he played in, his legacy is respected and beloved by the footballing world. 

Beckenbauer was a modern defender in an older time, he could pass the ball effectively while also defending amazingly. He played a sweeper like position or better known as a Libero, an outdated position which isn’t traditionally used anymore. 

A modern day center defensive midfielder, he broke up attacks while also playing exceptional passes and attacking forward when needed. During this time of football, it was extremely uncommon for defenders to do this as their sole duty was to defend. 

This is also the reason why he was nicknamed, “Der Kaiser” aka The Emperor. He would play around from 1964 to 1983 and during all this revolutionized football. 

He was truly someone who was born into the wrong period of time, but without his style of play, the path to modern football wouldn't have been paved. 

As a lover of football and from all the football lovers around the world, we say Auf Wiedersehen, der Kaiser—goodbye emperor. 

Rest in peace, Franz - football.