CMHS Lunch Review:Pepperonni Pizza

On Wednesday, March 29, I tried the school’s pepperoni pizza.

Quality represents the quality of the ingredients, 5 meaning they tasted fresh and tasty, 0 meaning that they tasted frozen/old, with poor taste. Taste refers to the overall taste of the dish as well as texture and other sensory attributes. Experience refers to the overall experience of eating the dish, from receiving it to eating it.


The quality of this dish was above average. I arrived slightly late so the cheese had gotten understandably more stale and the entire dish was colder than I would have liked. But again, with rainy weather and longer than usual lines, this was bound to happen and not the fault of the cafeteria.


Taste received a 3.7 due to a few reasons, one being that I would have loved to have more tomato sauce as I feel it makes the dish better. The second reason is that the cheese was stale but as I said in the quality section, that was out of anyone's control. My final reason is that the bread was softer than I would have liked.

Experience 4.1/5

Experience received a 4.1 because of the following factors. First, it was given out in a clamshell plastic container as opposed to the open paper dishes that are usually given out, this gave the dish an extra extravagant feeling and helped during the rain so the food wouldn't get wet. The rain and lines are what stopped this dish from getting a much higher rating.

Overall, this dish was slightly above average but not at all their best work, and that is not to try to take away from the pizza, but we've all seen much better dishes from the CMHS cafeteria that transcend the norms of school food and make us forget they came from a school cafeteria.