In celebration of the release of all nine episodes of  HBO Max’s hit show, The Last Of Us, there’s no better time to discuss the third and fourth episodes.

Episode 3

The third episode briefly focuses on Joel and Ellie but the center of attention is a character named Bill, played by Nick Offerman. Bill originally showed up in the game but he is greatly altered for the show. In the game, Bill is portrayed as a very rude man who doesn’t get along with anyone, but in the show he’s much kinder and more humane.

Bill is intelligent in both the show and the game, where in both he has set up traps for the infected. He meets a man named Frank and takes him into his home where he loves and cares for him as they develop a relationship. This episode is very emotional as viewers follow the beautiful love story the pair tell. 

The beauty about episode 3 is how lucky someone is that they get to enjoy a peaceful and happy life while the world is destroyed all around them. In the show, the viewers learn more about Bill’s character, a change welcomed by fans who also played the game. Bill and Frank have connections to Joel through Tess, and even invited both of them to their home for dinner. This episode was rated a 10/10 by IGN and had a split in reviews from the audience. Some people loved the episode, others found it to be boring and all it added to the story line was a car.

Episode 4 

The fourth episode returns the focus to Joel and Ellie as they travel to Wyoming now equipped with a car and new gear, thanks to Bill. Viewers follow them as they stock up on gas and camp in the middle of the woods. Once they were rested, they resumed their journey to Wyoming when they discovered an issue. 

The road they were originally going through was blocked, forcing Joel and Ellie to go through Kansas City which is occupied by Raiders, a group of people who kill anyone passing by to take all the valuables they can carry. Joel and Ellie encounter these raiders and crash into a laundry store, while Joel thinks he defeated every last raider, Ellie ends up saving his life and killing one Joel never saw coming. After Ellie saves him, Joel begins to trust her enough to finally hand her a firearm to defend herself. As the two make their way through Kansas, they discover the quarantine zone run by Fedra, a group who has been keeping order in multiple quarantine zones around the states, and it has been overrun by rebels. 

 As they sneak around the city they eventually have the chance to rest but when Joel awakens, he sees him and Ellie are held at gunpoint by 2 people, a child and an older man. Fans of the game recognize the pair as the brothers, Henry and Sam.

In the game, the brothers allied with the player and helped them in their journey to escape the city they are stranded in.

IGN gave the episode a clean 8/10. This episode was liked more by most fans than episode three as it delivered more of Joel and Ellie’s story.
This will be the last I cover of The Last Of Us, if you want to see how the story concludes watch all 9 episodes now! Only on HBO Max.