Messi and Ronaldos’ Transfers Shock the Football World

Messi and Ronaldo have both left their respective clubs this year. 

Lionel Messi was “forced” out of his past club, FC Barcelona, while Cristiano Ronaldo chose to leave Juventus. 

Messi was forced out of Barcelona due to Laliga’s new cost-control rules. The club's insane amount of debt exceeds €1.35 billion. 

Ronaldo chose to leave Juventus after 3 years with the italian giants where they failed to win the Champions league but won 5 domestic trophies in the process. 

While Messi was on his way out of Spain, Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) welcomed him with open arms. 

The club wanted to create a super trio with Mbappe and Neymar Jr. He signed with the French club for 2 years with an option to extend for a 3rd. 

Ronaldo was on his way back to England to rejoin Manchester United after leaving the club 12 years ago. He is also on a two year contract. 

Both of these moves struck the football (soccer) world. 

Having the best two players of the past 15 years move seemed impossible years ago.

Both of these players have changed the football world forever with their dominance in the sport. 

Even towards the end of their careers they continue to still change it.