Final Four Prediction

This weekend on Saturday, April 2nd the second to last round of the so far very exhilarating March Madness tournament the, “Final Four” begins.

At 3:00 PST 2 Villanova takes on 1 Kansas. For this game my prediction is that Kansas will win in a close game solely based on the unimaginable run that they’ve had so far.

Last week Kansas took on 10 Miami and at halftime Kansas found themselves trailing by 6 at halftime.

In the second half Kansas went on a gut punching run out scoring Miami 47-15 shooting 59.3% from the field compared to Miami's 21.4%.

Although I have Kansas coming out on top I wouldn’t be completely blindsided to see Villanova pull out the upset after they are coming off a close game against Houston winning by 6.

On the other side of the bracket at 5:00 PST 2 Duke takes on 8 North Carolina. For this game my prediction is that in this historic battle between two historic forces that Duke will come out on top.

In their last game Duke dominated 4 Arkansas who was responsible for sending my 1 team to win it all, Gonzaga, home. Not only is Duke's team very stacked having projected top 3 pick Paolo Banchero leading the way on the court but the ace in their sleeve Coach K is what I believe to be the deciding factor in this game.

After a very long career coaching Duke and Team USA this is Coach K’s final year and he has proven that he won’t be going down without a fight.

North Carolina has had a good run so far taking down teams like St. Peters along the way, but I believe that Duke's pure firepower and experience will be enough to overpower them and send them home.

The chances of predicting these games right is very little, seeing as how the probability of having a perfect bracket is 1 in 9.2 Quintillion with no one ever getting the elusive perfect bracket.