Have you ever wanted to learn more about God, The Bible and have free pizza? Come join Club Refuge, a club all about teaching kids about God and how you are loved. 

The goal of Refuge according to Lazaro, The President of Refuge, “Is to bring in kids who aren’t close to god. They could have a change of heart. Kids need to know there is a God that loves them. I think we are about to start student teaching, so this goal has been put on hold for now. It’s going to be a student lead [organization].”

Students meet up every Thursday in either room 289 or the Library, depending on the week.

Another location that Refuge meets is off campus at Costa Mesa’s Harbor Trinity Church.

Jamie Flores, the High School Youth Pastor at Harbor Trinity says, “The goal is for our club to be a safe place for any Christian who might feel rejected by the world because of our belief in Christ. [It is] also for anyone that might be hurting and need a place to feel faith, hope and love. Refuge is for anyone who wants refuge.” 

Although they have recently started again and knowledge of the club itself is relatively low, attendance keeps on growing. “We have about 20-30 people come, but we also have a bit of a long way to go. We want everyone to know about our club [or] at least know that it’s available for them. We want everyone to know Refuge is here for them.” Pastor Jamie says.

Harbor Trinity meets every Wednesday at the church at 6:30 pm. They help teach middle school and high school students about the Bible. Pastor Jamie also enlists the help of a group of student leaders. These leaders want everyone to know that they can talk to them about whatever they are going through and they will try to help in any way possible. They may have a long way to go, but it is shaping up to be a really promising year.

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