Why Should You Join CMMS Volleyball?

Interested in playing volleyball? Here’s some input from Charlie Rose Bruechert, a current player that plays the outside position on the CMMS girls volleyball team. 

“The best part about being on the volleyball team at Mesa is that it’s a really fun sport and you get to meet new people,” she says. So, if you want to make new friends, have fun, and play a sport you love, volleyball would be a great choice!

Although volleyball can be very fun, there can also be some challenges involved with the sport. “The hardest part about playing volleyball is that it takes a lot of technique and work. Also sometimes you get bruises on your forearms from the volleyball hitting you” Bruechert says. Even though there are a couple of hardships, it is totally worth it to play with the team, and support your school. 

Being on any sports team is a commitment. You need to prioritize it, and show up on time for things like practices or games. Bruechert says “It is a very big commitment to be on the team because of when the practice is, 6:30 am. It takes a lot of energy!” 

Joining a new sport can be nerve racking, but Charlie has some advice for newcomers. “Some advice I have for preparing to join is to not stress about trying out, because they teach you basically everything there. Also, go to bed early so you get enough sleep.” 

Overall, I hope Charlie Rose Bruechert’s opinion on CMMS volleyball can help you get an idea of what it’s like to be on the team. Go Mesa!