Everyone Has A Story To Tell

Overcoming The Past:

Hi, my name is Officer Frank Nguyen and I have a story to tell. "When I was younger, probably an elementary or jr. high student, I lived in a very poor household. I had six siblings and it was a struggle. As a child, not getting what you wanted, wearing the same sets of clothing every day,  having to deal with my peers that didn’t know what I was going through every day, and just getting by in life [was rough]. My parents t really tried to do their best to provide the best that they could for the seven of us [while] trying to guide me and my siblings on the right path. My parents taught me and my siblings to work hard, appreciate what we have, and to get a higher education to get to higher places. My siblings and I all had our ups and downs of course but, eventually, we got into college. And now, we all graduated and have our own jobs and homes. I sure didn’t dream up a happy life in the beginning but we all kept going and live our happy lives now. My message for all students today [is] it doesn’t matter who you are or where you came from work hard, don’t give up, and keep trying again. Anything is possible."

Finding Kindness Within Our Students:

Hi, my name is Cindy. "I work in front of the middle school office and I have a story to tell. It was kindness week and the staff had encouraged and challenged our students to show at least one simple act of kindness. [With this,] there was a [female student] that had arranged to bring 20 boxes [of pizza] with her mom. Sure enough, the student and her mom stood outside in the middle school quad and handed out free slices of pizza to anyone who wanted one."