Who Will Win the Premier League

The Premier League has taken light once again as the league starts its kick off for its 23-24 season. The question is, who will take this win towards the final in May of next year? Who will be successful and who will not? Which team will show their true potential?

The Premier League was founded in May 1992, and has been a world sensation ever since. It consists of 20 teams where each club plays every other team twice in one season, leading all the way up to the final at the end of the season which is in May of 2024.

The 22-23 season was the highest scoring 38-game season in Premier League history, with a lot of accomplishments for each club and their players. The 22–23 season consisted of 1,084 goals, which is the best in the history of the Premier League. Erin Haaland, who plays for Manchester City, scored an astonishing 36 goals, breaking the Premier League record for most goals scored by a single player in one season. The club, Manchester City, took the Premier title last season against Arsenal, making them the team to win 3 titles in total for the past 3 seasons.

The predictions so far of the Premier League state that Manchester City will again come in first, Arsenal second, and Liverpool third, leading to Manchester United as fourth; but is that true? Manchester United stands in 9th place right now, rising from 13th to 9th place, but how long can they manage to keep their standing? 

As the season is in place, the top three standings consist of Manchester City being first along with Liverpool being second and Brighton coming in as third. Manchester City and Liverpool so far have won every single game since the season started in August, but will they stay strong in first and second, or will another club come to clutch as the season goes forth?