Vanguard Small Ensemble Festival

The CMHS instrumental music department had students go to Vanguard University for the Vanguard Ensemble/Solo festival. At this festival, the students perform their song in front of a judge, where they are adjudicated and then are given a folder with their score in it. If they get a superior rating, they perform that night in the chapel of Vanguard. There was a handful of groups from CMHS who were given a superior rating. Those students were:

Flute Quintet - Megan Gurrola, Jazmin Lopez, Jesus Raymundo, Brian Nguyen, Alexandra Hernandez

String Quartet - Tannia Castillo, Alex Ivey, Alexandra Hernandez, Katelyn Sweet

Percussion Quartet - Emma Erskine, Han Nguyen, Ethan Gay, Brian Vuong

Brass Duet - Terry Cowley, Landon Stein

Marimba Solo - Han Nguyen

Trombone Solo - Terry Cowley

Flute Solo - Jean Paul Trujillo

Special congratulations to these students as having one person on a part is a very nerve racking experience, and it can be scary to be isolated in front of a judge and be judged.

Below is the percussion quartet with Emma Erskine, Han Nguyen, Ethan Gay, and Brian Vuong.