Track & Field Wrap-Up

Track and Field League Prelims and Finals were held last week here at CMHS. At these meets, all of the high schools in the Orange Coast League, which include Orange, Santa Ana, Costa Mesa, Estancia, Calvary Chapel, and Saddleback, competed against each other in hopes of qualifying for CIF. 

For many athletes, Prelims and Finals were the last track meets of the season, many ending with their personal best times/marks! 

However, the season continues for a few as they move on to CIF. Senior Edward Rodriguez and junior Jason Alcantara will move on to CIF for the 400-meter dash, along with the boys' varsity 4x400 and 4x100 relay team, which includes Christian Guzman, Jason Alcantara, Diego Constantino, and Edward Rodriguez.

Freshman Erin Stevens also qualified for CIF in the high jump! 

Here are the results of League:

Varsity Boys

1st Santa Ana- 158 points

2nd Orange- 117.50 points

3rd Calvary Chapel- 67 points

4th Saddleback- 57 points

5th Costa Mesa- 51.50 points

6th Estancia- 13 points 


Varsity Girls

1st Santa Ana- 135 points 

2nd Calvary Chapel- 117 points

3rd Costa Mesa- 102 points

4th Orange- 52 points

5th Saddleback- 21 points

6th Estancia- 17 points

Frosh/Soph Boys

1st Santa Ana- 219 points

2nd Saddleback- 106 points 

3rd Costa Mesa- 43 points

4th Orange- 37 points

5th Calvary Chapel- 28 points


Frosh/Soph Girls

1st Saddleback- 140 points

2nd Costa Mesa- 70 points

3rd Orange- 47 points

4th Santa Ana- 41 points

That wraps up the 2022 Track and Field season!