The Thrilling Adventures of Knott’s Scary Farm

Halloween House

Have you been looking for the perfect activity for this Halloween season? Knott’s Scary Farm is one of Southern California’s major attractions for this time of year. 

The haunting event Knotts Scary Farm has been around since 1973. This was the first Halloween theme park event ever created. From this event there have been many more Halloween events, but this was where it all started. 

The nights of Knotts Scary Farm run through September 22nd - October 31st. The times of this event start at 7pm and end at 1am. They have two ticket options, the first is the Knotts Scary Farm Ticket with a starting price at around $59. The second ticket is called Knotts Scary Farm Boo-Fet, and this ticket costs $45. 

This year's theme of Knotts Scary Farm is, Where Nightmares Never End! Sandytoesand says there are seventeen haunted experiences in this park, “including five spine-chilling scare zones, nine monstrous mazes, three sinister shows, scary food, and two seasonal ride overlays - Calico Mine Ride and Timber Mountain Log Ride.” This year's event also has a few new additions which make the park so much more thrilling!

There may be countless rides at Knotts but there's always that one ride that attracts the fans. This ride is called GhostRider. GhostRider is here all year long but with the spooky decorations during Halloween, it gives it more of a mysterious look. says, “Looming 118 feet over historic Ghost Town, GhostRider is the largest attraction at Knott’s Berry Farm and one of the longest and tallest wooden roller coasters in the world.” Because of these spooky decorations, the best time to get the full effect of this ride is at night when the lights light up and its pitch black outside. says, “Knott’s Scary Farm is one of the biggest and scariest events you’ll find in any Halloween theme park.” This better be true because we have to have something scary and spooky to look forward to during our Halloween season.