Monsters Within Billy Milligan

(Trigger Warning: Mentions of SA)

William Stanely Milligan could have been anyone he wanted to be, besides himself. “Asleep and not conscious of his actions, Milligan was a man afflicted by 24 distinct personalities battling for control over his mind and body. 

“Campus Rapist”

On November 3rd, 1977, Billy Milligan was charged with three counts of kidnapping, three counts of aggravated robbery, and four counts of rape. 

Three of the four incidents of rape took place at Ohio State Campus and the victims were female. Billy was unofficially named “The Campus Rapist”. 

Fear grew around Milligan because he was an unknown fugitive with a basic physical description that matched many people.

Billy's Brains 

Billy was originally diagnosed with Schizophrenia on December 4, 1978 , but after being held at Ohio State Penitentiary where he underwent psychological evaluation, he was eventually diagnosed with Multiple Personality Disorder (now known as Dissociative Identity Disorder).

He claimed to have twenty four personalities living inside of him. He said he was under the influence of two personalities: the Yugoslavian Regen, and 19 year old Adalana when he committed the crimes. Billy stated he has no memory of commiting the crime since they were committed by other personalities.

Who is Arthur 

Arthur was Milligan’s main core personality. He was a 22 year old man, and was very big on medicine and biology. Arthur was an expert in medicine and science but focused more on hematology, which is a study of blood and blood disorders. 

Arthur was in charge of Billy’s body and the main one in “the spot”. Whichever personality controls the spot holds consciousness during the time that he requires intellectual thinking. 

Arthur and Ragen kept the original Billy “asleep” ever since he tried to jump off of his school roof. Ragen removed Billy from consciousness to stop him from jumping. 

Billy (as Ragen) says, “He’s been asleep ever since that day,” and Arthur and Ragen kept Billy “asleep” to protect him from his suicidal thoughts.  


Adalana is a 19 year old lesbian who often idenified as a hopeless romantic. Before Reagen could rob anyone, Adalana took over Billy’s body and consiousnes, and sexually assulted the women because, allegedly, she wanted to feel close to someone. 

Billy (as Adalna) states, “What love is. What the need for love is. To be held by someone. Just to feel warm and cared for. I don't know what made me do it." 

This is Reagen

An Eastern European with a Yuslovigan accent named Reagen was the “keeper” of hate and rage. He had the ability to control and concentrate his adrenaline. 

After his last job, Reagen started worrying about unpaid bills and started using meth and planned to “go out“ and get money. 

Police found guns in Billy's apartment. Later Judy, one of Billy’s psychiatrists, asked whose guns they are- Tommy, another one of Milligan’s personalities, states “Reagan is the only one allowed to handle them”. 

Regen admited to having the guns with him when he robbed the women but denied any involvment with the sex crimes. Billy (as Reagen) said “I commited robbery, I did not commit crime of sexual misconduct.”

Danny and David

Danny is a 14 year old fine artist. 

When the cops busted into Billy’s apartment, he stated (as Danny), “I didn’t have any idea what was going on when they busted into the apartment and arrested me.” 

When Billy was a child, he had an abusive stepfather named Chalmer who would mainly target Billy out of 2 of his siblings. Chalmer went out of his way to make Billy‘s childhood miserable and torturous; this includes things like tying him up, beating him, sexually assaulting him(sodimized), hanging him by his toes and fingers, and lastly being buried alive. 

During the times of fear, Danny would be brought to consciousness and take “the spot”. During the times of hurt and pain is when David would come in and take the spot to feel it.


The 16 year old escape artist named Tommy claimed the box of electronics the police found as his. He also admitted he was the one who got out the ropes when he was tied and was the one who escaped the straitjacket.

Arthur stated coldly, “Tommy is a rather antisocial youth. If he weren’t so clever with electronic equipment and locks, I would have banished him a long time ago.” 


Allen is an 18 year old manipulator and con-man. He is the one who often deals with outsiders and has the closest relationship with Billy’s mother, Dorthy. He plays the drums, paints portraits and is one of the personalities who smokes cigarettes. 

He is agnostic and his attitude is “Make the best of life on earth”.

What do you believe?

Dissociative Identity Disorder is a disorder that starts very early in life when a child has overwhelming trauma and is putting together a sense of self. When a child can’t fight back or run away, they tend to go protect themselves using coping mechanisms. 

Many people in the legal system see MPD as an excuse for behavior, but others thought Billy was faking it and were not going to support it, though several people and psychologists really believed Billy was suffering from Dissociative Identity Disorder. 

Do you think he was a Con man? 

source : netflix