The Proposed Tesla Bot

Almost everyone hates doing chores, and wish that they could have someone to do the chores for them.

 Sometimes people hire maids, but if they don't have the money to pay them they have to tough it out and do it themselves.

What if I told you that there was, not someone, but something that can do those chores for you? Would you think I’m lying?

Well, I'm not lying. 

Elon Musk is designing the “Tesla Bot”, a robot that is made to do tasks that are dangerous, or too boring

As fun as the Tesla Bot is, it does seem a little unnerving, considering it looks like the robot from every other movie where robots take over the world. 

It is also fun to see how robots have advanced recently. They aren’t the robots from the old cartoons that move stiff.


Look at this video of a robot named “Atlas”, made by Boston Dynamics.

Robots haven’t advanced in just movement though.

Look at robots like Alexa, who are able to communicate and answer questions. 

Robots have advanced in many ways, and they will probably advance more in the future too.