Rock ‘n’ Roll: Origins and Pioneers


Here’s the origin of rock ‘n’ roll , from where it started to who made it spike and popularity and who really changed the scene.


It’s believed that blues originated after the American Civil War (1865) down in the South. As blues developed, it created many different music genres, one of them being rock ‘n’ roll. 


Rock ‘n’ Roll didn’t blossom until the 1950s in Cleveland, Ohio; black singing groups began combining gospel style harmonies and call-and-response singing with earthy subject matter and more aggressive rhythm-and-blues rhythms.


Pioneer, Chuck Berry, ultimately changed the genre when he displaced the saxophone with an electric guitar in his hit song, Maybellene. This song really showcased the power of the electric guitar, which is a major part of rock songs today.  Around this time, the piano was replaced with the drums in blues and rhythm music.  


Another exceptionally influential artist, Elvis Presley, really made rock ‘n’ roll. Back then, African Americans had used the term “rock ‘n’ roll”  as a euphemism for sex, and Presley’s music oozed sexuality.


As time progressed, each decade produced new rock groups. 

The 1960s brought The Beatles and their iconic song, Here Comes The Sun, and the Rolling Stones with their hit song, Paint it, Black.


In the 1970s, there was Queen and their famous Bohemian Rhapsody. And you can’t forget Black Sabbath and their song Paranoid.


In the 1980s, there was Metallica and their most popular song, Enter Sandman,And the Pixies, and their song, Where Is My Mind, that was featured in a big movie called Fight Club. ,.


The 1990s really changed everything with artists like Soundgarden and their most popular song Black Hole Sun. 

And Nirvana and their hit song, Smells Like Teen Spirit


The 2000s had Incubus and their famous song, Drive.

Foo fighters had their song Everlong.