The YouAnd App: An App to Help Kids in Orange County

Ever since Covid hit, life has been hard for some kids. YouAnd is here to help with that! YouAnd is an app available for kids K-12 at no cost.  It helps build social resilience and emotional intelligence.

Just register for the app and you will receive a drawstring backpack and a workbook.

YouAnd consists of 6 lessons which help you deal with Covid-19 and other mental problems Covid could cause. The lessons are titled Your Feelings,Your Tools, Your Community, Your Mind, Your Body Spirit, and Your World. Each Lesson is only about 10 minutes long, so it isn’t a huge time commitment.

The App Also includes a live chat feature where you can talk with a representative if you need help, available from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm.

And, to encourage students to do the lessons, they are offering a free shirt or water bottle if you complete all 6 lessons. 

So, if you are having trouble dealing with problems because of Covid-19, you should definitely try the YouAnd App.