What To Do With Chelsea: Gameweek 5 Review

Returning from their international break, Chelsea were looking to finally snap their streak of form against Bournemouth. Unfortunately, the 0-0 tie shows Chelsea still has massive work to do.

Mauricio Pochettino and Chelsea played away at Vitality Stadium in Bournemouth, England, hoping to see a performance of who Chelsea really are, however, huge issues are still well alive in the club. 

The Chelsea of 2014-2017 is a team that is no longer recognizable. In last week's performance against Bournemouth, Chelsea simply couldn’t get any attacking threat going.

Nicolas Jackson, who was bought in this summer for a fee around $37M, is showing great flaws in his game, as he is struggling to find positions and finish very easy chances.

With a weak attacking game, Chelsea will never get out of their losing slump, and a fall from their top grace might become the new standard for the club. However, weak attacking play isn’t all that's wreaking havoc on Chelsea.

Injuries are another huge issue with Chelsea, with 12 first team players being out for injury. What does this mean for Chelsea and their season going forward?

It means even more money will have to be spent upon their already ridiculous billion-dollar bill from the last two summer windows.

The biggest issue that comes with so many injuries is the effects it has on team chemistry. With so many new players coming in since 2021, it takes a lot of time for players to build a connection within their play, and the constant injuries Chelsea are facing will hinder that process.

The 0-0 draw from last week also raises concerns about Pochettino being the correct manager for Chelsea, who has had four different managers in just one year, which will undoubtedly cause more trouble at the Chelsea camp.

Chelsea plays again this Sunday, and we shall see if they can finally find a result and kick-start their season!