Is Making Online Friends Safe?

With technology advancing everyday, people have been spending more and more of their life online, and one major part of that is making friends online. Some people think that making friends online is dangerous, but others think that it is perfectly safe to make online friends. So is it safe? And why should I make friends online in the first place?

First let’s address why it can be nice to make friends online, when you probably already have some in real life.

A lot of people make online friends because it is easier for them. Whether they have social anxiety, are introverted, or just are shy it is much easier to make conversation online.

Another advantage of having online friends is that it is easier to hang out with them, since everything you do together is virtual. To hang out all you have to do is send them a simple text and wait for a response. And if it is a yes, all you do is press a button.  

So, if online friends are so great, why are people so hesitant to make them? Well, there are some dangers when it comes to making them.

One of the main dangers is that people can easily lie about who they are on the internet. 

To address this, if you are making online friends try to find a way to confirm they are who they claim to be. This could be calling them on FaceTime or having them send pictures of themselves so you know they aren’t lying.

But, if you can’t confirm they aren’t lying you can end up in a dangerous situation. Child predators are a huge issue on the internet. They can easily lie about who they are and put you in great danger, especially if you’re a minor.

So, if you find a way to confirm who they are, then online friends can be pretty safe. As long as you stay safe, online friends can be really fun.