Top Five Best Ski Resorts in California

California is known for its beaches and swimming pools, but with Ski Week already around the corner, here are the best ski resorts to vacation in California. Planet Ware helped to show all the ski resorts and why they are ranked in this specific order. 

Top Five Best Ski Resorts In Cali

  1. Palisades Tahoe
  2. Heavenly Ski Resort
  3. Mammoth Mountain Ski Area
  4. Northstar California 
  5. Kirkwood Ski Resort

The first resort on this list is Palisades Tahoe. This resort is in Northern California and overlooks Lake Tahoe. Two views in one vacation! It also has some of the longest ski runs in North America, is known for great ski opportunities, and held the 1960 Olympic Winter Games. Vacationing at Palisades Tahoe also gets you a ticket into Alpine Meadows which has two ski areas to choose from. This resort also offers many great restaurants and lodging options. 

Next up is Heavenly Ski Resort which is located at the border of California and Nevada. Planet Ware says, “Heavenly is one of the most scenic ski areas in California.” It overlooks the crystalline water of Lake Tahoe and surrounds the snowy mountains. It also is the largest ski resort located in Lake Tahoe. The views they said are what attracts the visitors. Heavenly has all sorts of ski runs for all abilities ranging for level ones through level tens. 

The third resort is called Mammoth Mountain Ski Area. This resort is located in the Eastern Sierras. Mammoth Mountain is one of the first ski resorts to open up every year. Planet Ware says, “Another bonus for visitors, the Mammoth Lakes area has many lodging options and top-notch restaurants.” While being able to ski and have wonderful views, you also have great restaurant and lodging options at this resort. Mammoth is one of the largest ski resorts in California and is a perfect place for the more advanced skiers. 

The second to last resort is called Northstar California and has sunny weather and abundant seasonal snowfall. Northstar is known for its family friendly resort. The mountains are covered with fluffy powder snow which makes it even more enjoyable to ski at. Planet Ware says, “A major attraction of Northstar is its alpine-style village at the base of the slopes.” In this village there are options to shop, dine, and lodging. 

The last resort on the list is Kirkwood Ski Resort which is located on the Sierra Crest Peak. Within all the Lake Tahoe ski resorts, Kirkwood has one of the finest powder snow conditions. This resort is for more experienced and advanced skiers. While they do have some intermediate runs they are still a bit difficult to ski on. Kirwood has more of a peaceful mountain atmosphere with not as many options as the other ski resorts. 

There are so many options of ski resorts to choose from. For some resorts they tend to have more advanced runs but others tend to have more intermediate runs. Ski week as you know is right around the corner, so use this article to get the information needed to make your vacation enjoyable. 


Image credits: Wikimedia commons
Image credits: Wikimedia commons