Disney’s Encanto

On November 24, 2021, a new Disney movie was released in theaters entitled Encanto. Recently, it was made available on Disney Plus as well. 

This movie was rated 90% on Rotten Tomatoes and has made $223.5 million in box office sales.

One of the highlights of Encanto is the music, written primarily by Lin Manuel Miranda, the star and writer of the broadway show, Hamilton.

The movie is set in a small town in Columbia called Encanto, where the Madrigal family lives. Each individual in the Madrigal family has been blessed with a certain power, from the ability to heal with food to super strength. 

However, one person didn’t get a gift, and her name is Mirabel. She lives a normal life with a job in the nursery, and she struggles from self doubt due to her lack of powers.

One day, Mirabel sees a vision of the Casa Madrigal (the magic house where the Madrigal family lives) cracking and falling down, and the magic candle that holds their families’ powers, going out. No one else could see this, however. 

The only person she could think to go to is Bruno; a member of the Madrigal family whose gift is the ability to see into the future. He is not well liked because he can predict bad things that will happen, and people usually blame him for it.

With the help of Bruno, Mirabel tries to change the horrible fate of the Casa Madrigal, and in the process, learns about herself and the importance of family. 

“My favorite part of the movie was the colorful animation and the cultural diversity,” said Irais Alvarez, a freshman at CMHS. “I would give it an 8/10 because Mirabel is annoying.” 

Another freshman, Tsega Yohanes, said “I liked the songs but I didn’t like the plot because it was too simple.”

As you can tell, everybody has different opinions on the new Disney movie, Encanto, so try watching it and see for yourself!