Developing Nations Are Being Left Behind In World-Wide Rush To Vaccinate Citizens

Now that the COVID-19 vaccine is being approved and distributed throughout the United States, there is a sense of relief among all of us!

However, the damage is only half-resolved as the majority of the developing nations around the world don't have access to the vaccine yet.

According to the New York Times, 83% of vaccinations around the world have been taken in upper-middle class countries. Whereas in impoverished countries, only 0.3% of doses have been administered.

In fact, the entire continent of Africa has the slowest vaccination rate yet, inciting mass vaccination campaigns in numerous countries.

This is a very detrimental issue. The majority of the world is not receiving the proper vaccine distribution that rich countries, like the United States, are lucky enough to have.

This not only puts these countries in harmful risk for more deaths, but allows first-world countries to dismiss Covid-19 unto the most vulnerable countries!

It seems as though we are discarding these nation’s away to clean up our mess! The People’s Vaccine Alliance states that rich nations have vaccinated their citizens at the rate of “one person per second”, whereas the majority of poor countries “haven't even been able to administer a single dose yet”.

This is a problem of great importance, and worthy of public attention. It is vital to note that Covid-19, and the spread of it, cannot be controlled until all countries and all people are able to get vaccinations. It is an unfair disparity that can endanger millions of people.

Spread awareness about Covid-19 Vaccine distribution inequalities so that we can forward the process to a safe, and healthy world!