What do we REALLY know about Area-51?

What is Area 51?

The U.S Government finally admitted in 2013 that yes! Area 51 does exist. The remote area is a highly classified United States Air Force facility within the Nevada test and training range. It is administered by Edwards Air Force base in Southern California, and was built in 1955. Even though it had never been officially declared a “top secret base”, the area is highly protected and is restricted to both land and air use. 

Visiting Alien 51

Although you can find it on the map, don't expect to get super close. The perimeter of the military base is marked with orange post and DO NOT ENTER trespassing signs. The area also is heavily patrolled by armed guards with zero tolerance or sympathy for tourists or any games of some sort.

Signage around the base promises that deadly force is authorized against trespassers whether they are attempting to “storm Area 51”, or simply just hike up to the vantage point. There are hundreds of CCTV cameras and motion sensors all throughout the land leading up to the base's perimeter.

However there are many places to tour near Area 51, like Rachel Nevada which is known as ‘UFO Capital of the World’ and is  home to less than 60 people. But a popular stop to get some snacks is at the Little A ‘LE’ Inn with out of this world treats.

Alien talk

Area 51 has become a place associated with conspiracy theories, such as alien landing and tiny spaceships. Journalist Annie Jacobsen tells Fresh Air's Terry Gross that the site has remained classified for many years, not because of spaceships or aliens but because the government used the site for top secret nuclear testing and weapons development.

In 2019 the internet was flooded with a "joke" Facebook event to take over the secretive military site and find the aliens kept inside. This event was called “Storm Area 51 they can't stop all of us", and was planned for September 20th. By July 17th, 2019, 1.5 million people were already signed up.

For years, Area-51 has been a place of constant controversy and suspicion; as more information is uncovered, maybe we will one day really know what goes on behind closed doors.