Christmas Around the World

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Christmas tree

     Christmas is coming nearer and nearer everyday. Families have started decorating their Christmas trees and going shopping for presents. Kids are making wish lists for Santa and Christmas music is playing on the radio. Christmas spirit is in the air, and America is all prepared for the cheery holiday. People in other countries are getting ready for Christmas too, but their ideas of Christmas and traditions might be a little different. Did you know the people in the Philippines celebrate Christmas for 4 whole months? As soon as September comes, houses are covered in Christmas lights and giant star shaped lanterns. People go door to door singing carols and parties with delicious food and fun activities are held. In Mexico, people celebrate from December 6 to January 12 and perform Posadas where people recreate the Christmas story. Piñatas are hit, fireworks are lit, and a yummy bread called pan de rosca is eaten in January. In New Zealand, some people can’t get enough of Christmas and celebrate it twice a year in December and July! And since they and other southern countries such as Australia live in the southern hemisphere, December for them is warm and Christmas is usually celebrated with a barbeque or a picnic out in the warm summer sun. Except in Australia, instead of reindeer Santa uses kangaroos to ride around! Toronto in Canada holds a parade especially dedicated to Santa Claus on Christmas. It has been celebrated for over a hundred years and people all over the world watch it on TV.

     Even though Christmas is celebrated differently in different countries, we all have something in common on this very special day. Spending time with family, celebrating and feasting, and showing our holiday spirit by decorating our homes and trees brings a common feeling of happiness and cheer to the air. So whether you be in America or Mexico, Europe or Asia, the traditions and culture will ensure that you have a good time and a Merry Christmas.

New zealand christmas
Merry Christmas From Melbourne, Australia
toronto santa claus parade

Photo credits to Wikimediaa Commons, Pxhere, Flickr,  and Pixabay