Calling All Writers!

The CMHS/MS newspaper is looking for new writers! If you’re looking to work for a newspaper as a writer, or even write because you have a love for it, Journalism/Publications is the class for you. 

In this class you’ll learn the basics of writing articles and the publication process, along with a little audio production. You can fill out an application to join the writers of the newspaper, through this class. 

Once you’re part of the team, you have one article due per week. Your article could be on anything going on recently at Mesa, that you choose. Your submission article doesn’t necessarily have to be words, you could  also make a podcast. 

Your work, once submitted, is then reviewed and published on the school’s newspaper online. 

Wondering if there's a grade limit? Nope, any middle/high-schooler can join! The classroom is KMESA, located across from the high school office entrance and high school attendance. 

Don’t be afraid to sign up and join the fun as a writer for the school newspaper!