What’s Up Canucks?

What’s going on with the Vancouver Canucks in the NHL playoffs? 

The Canucks have come a long way since the regular season to be playing in the NHL playoffs, and especially beating the Nashville Predators in round one. The Canucks made some unforgettable goals, unreal saves and out of the mind defensive plays throughout their regular season and even in this year’s NHL playoffs. 

Artūrs Šilovs, Canucks’ Latvian goalie, have a 42-save performance against the Edmonton Oilers in game three and 27 saves in game four. This 23-year-old has been more confident and is very focused on winning, and trusts in his team to make their defensive plays. 

Coach Rick Tocchet said, “Arty has been working his butt off, and it’ll all pay off til the end.”

"The guys got my back on game one, so I had them today and everyone’s resilient, blocking shots. Really high scoring chances they had, our guys managed to block a lot of them, so that’s a big credit for them too,” Šilovs said in an interview post-game.


The Canucks’ core players in this year’s NHL playoffs are Brock Boeser, J.T. Miller, Conor Garland, Quinn Hughes, Arthur Silovs, and Elias Lindholm. 

J.T. Miller said he was emotional when the Canucks’ fans were cheering on their team when the Canucks lost in game seven. He also said that both teams fought a hard battle, and he’s glad that his team kept their confidence, and they’re quick to recover during the game, post-game, and especially the next game.

“Goods team go through hard losses,” Canucks’ coach, Rick Tocchet said. Tocchet knew that his team has gained experience through this year’s playoffs and even Captain Quinn Hughes said, “It’s the first playoff run for a lot of us, and we can look to this and keep growing.”


The Canucks took the lead in the beginning of round two since game one, but then it started to fall apart when the Oilers tied with game six. The Canucks in game seven were without one of their captains, Brock Boeser. Unfortunately, Boeser couldn’t play due to a blood clotting issue. 

But nevertheless, the Canucks powered through and made two goals from Conor Garland and Filip Hronek. It was a hard loss to the players, managers, staff, family, and fans. It’s very upsetting considering that the Vancouver Canucks have never won a Stanley Cup yet. The Canucks played their hardest and that’s what matters. 

It’s sad to say that the Vancouver Canucks’ season has come to an end in game seven. Even though the Canucks didn’t make it to the final round, they’re a hard-working team and now everyone knows they’re capable of making it this far in the NHL playoffs.