Are Cutting Your Cuticles Healthy For You?

Many people nowadays get their nails done or because of COVID, do them themselves. Individuals take pride in their nails with their colors, glitter, and cool designs. 

However, not many people know that they could potentially harm themselves with one visit. 

A cuticle is a layer of dead tissue that is in between your nail plate.

cuticles anatomy

Something as simple as pushing back your cuticles or even cutting your cuticles can damage them, allowing bacteria in and infections to thrive. 

According to The South Texas Foot and Ankle, “The best way to avoid these infections is to simply stay away from cutting or otherwise removing your cuticles.”

Cuticles are there for an important reason. Your cuticles exist to protect you from bacteria and fungi. 

Once you cut your cuticles back it's a friendly invitation to those bacteria and nasty infections.

So how can you care for your cuticles? To begin, you should completely avoid cutting your cuticles.

But that’s not all you should do.

By moisturizing your cuticles, not putting your fingers in your mouth, avoiding using too many nail products that may destroy your healthy cuticles, and practicing good hygiene by cutting your nails circularly can benefit your nails like you’ve never imagined.