Hidden Jems @ CMHS — The recording studio

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Hidden Jewels at Mesa: Recording Studio


Did you know CMHS has its own recording studio? It does. It is located in the KMESA room, across from the attendance desk in the high school office. Most students don’t know this room exists.

According to Mr. Hancock, teacher of the Journalism and Music Tech classes, “this recording studio has actually been here since they built this facility in the 1960s.” Originally, it was a TV broadcast and radio broadcast booth for the KMESA TV Channel for local cable access. The only difference between the original room and the current recording studio is the presence of video cameras.

The studio has two soundproof recording rooms, instruments that students can use, along with all the equipment necessary to record both instrumental and vocal music. There are 32 workstations, 27 keyboards, 7 guitars, 2 basses, 1 drum set, 1 electric drum set, various percussion instruments, and “a large collection of microphones, very high quality microphones,” Mr. Hancock says.

There are two recording programs installed, GarageBand and ProTool, as well as two 16 channel digital mixers.

All of this is available for students to use. All you have to do is ask. Stop by the KMESA room to see Mr. Hancock. Even students who have already graduated still come and use the equipment.