What’s Going On At OCC

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What’s Going On At OCC


We’ve all seen the construction and we’ve all heard the noise. But, what is really going on? 

As you know (or if you didn’t), Orange Coast College is remodeling and constructing new buildings. One of these very important buildings is the housing center, or on-campus housing, for OCC students. OCC is the first college in southern California to build residential houses. 

Maria Denunno, the administrative assistant dean of students/student services at OCC, says, “ I am personally excited about our housing project because it will give students an opportunity to learn without any distractions.” 

The students will have affordable and accessible housing for students, regardless of their background. Students will also have the opportunity to be more involved and OCC will be active for 24-hours. The dorms will have more than 800 beds and will include study rooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, community rooms, professional staff support, and bike parking. 

The student union,  also known as the college center and student life building, is an area where students can work, study, or even hang out. This includes space for culinary, hospitality programs, a new cafeteria, meeting and event space, and administrative offices. This will help keep students focused on their studies too, as students who live there must have standard academics as well as good behavior.

 Also, the total budget for both the housing buildings and the college center is $89.9 million.

OCC is also planning for its new Physical Education and Aquatics Center. This will include a new competition-sized pool, diving pool, an adaptive pool for students with disabilities, and men and women’s locker rooms. The pool will have a shade structure and a road paved for swimming and water polo competitions at OCC.

Dr. Derek Vergara, the dean of students at OCC, says he wants “students to learn to live in community with each other; to respect their differences and to be inclusive.” While April Hampton, office service assistant/student service, says she is “excited to move into the new student union and to make it a place where students should feel welcome and supported.”