• 10:55 am
  • Friday
  • January 22, 2021

Author: Christian Martin

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What Happened to Penniless

While many may not immediately know what Penniless was, they may still wonder by the few stickers they may see around the area. Penniless was a skater clothing company that was created by three students of Costa Mesa High School, Alexis Martin, Justin Fisher, and Thomas Kheiv. The clothing brand started as a simple idea..

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Ms. Mathieson Teacher Spotlight

As well as being a great teacher, she discovered her love for traveling. She has been to over 25 countries, some of those being: Portugal, Italy, Spain, Morroco, Australia, and Costa Rica, All of which were done just last year.  Her classroom is beautifully decorated with memorabilia such as photos, license plates, and paintings, from..

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Costa Mesa High School Mandarin Program

Photo portrays Two mandarin students (Athens Coenen and Robert Perez), and Ms. Wang Meet Ms. Wang. She is the teacher of Mandarin Chinese. She single-handedly does all the Mandarin classes at the school. With her unique teaching style and personality, she makes learning a new language fun. Students can go through a full five years..

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Viral Egg

Believe it or not, an egg has taken the internet by storm, as well as Kylie Jenner's spot as the user with the most liked photo on the social media platform Instagram. world_record_egg is the page on Instagram that was started simply to break the record and has succeeded. The only post, posted on January..

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The Possible Future of Phones

New advancements in technology have been rampant in recent years, the technology we once thought was impossible is now possible. If someone told you 10 years ago that you are going to be able to open your phone by just looking at it, would you have believed them? Phones are advancing at rapid rates, and..