Costa Mesa High School Mandarin Program

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Photo portrays Two mandarin students (Athens Coenen and Robert Perez), and Ms. Wang

Meet Ms. Wang. She is the teacher of Mandarin Chinese. She single-handedly does all the Mandarin classes at the school. With her unique teaching style and personality, she makes learning a new language fun. Students can go through a full five years of Mandarin with her if they start in 8th grade, and finish their senior year with advanced placement Mandarin. As a student of Ms. Wangs, on my fourth year of mandarin, I can say that her method of running the classroom is like no other, even though the class isn’t run as strictly as the usual teacher, work will still get done and the students will learn. With fun or immersive topics that could relate to many things in life, you not only get a kick out of some of the more fun topics, but also learn not only a new language but some valuable life knowledge that even if you aren’t speaking Mandarin, could still be applied to life. Ms. Wang is a great teacher and does a good job teaching her program, and I would definitely recommend the class to those trying to decide what language to do at Costa Mesa High School.