• 3:41 am
  • Monday
  • March 1, 2021
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Painted Lady Butterfly Migration

video by: cayswann on YouTube What is it?           The Painted Lady butterflies are migrating over Southern California, following their yearly pattern. However this year is extra special, as the butterflies are having a mass migration. This year’s sheer amount of extra rain is causing this amazing phenomenon. The Painted Ladies lay..

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Girls Soccer Accomplishments

This years girl's soccer team had an overwhelming amount of success from the start of the season to the end. The team unexpectedly achieved far more success than some of the previous years had. The girl's amazing run started at the Katella tournament where the team took home the first place trophy. After a hard..

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CMHS Tennis Team

The CMHS Tennis has had an amazing year so far as they look to keep improving as the year goes on. The girls varsity tennis team had an amazing season, winning league with an amazing 10-0 record. Now the boys varsity team have gotten off to a great start as they beat their rivals Estancia..

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Interviewing Mrs.Dean.

Interviewing Mrs.Dean Mrs. Dean is a Math 1 and 2 and AP math teacher. I have her for my 8th period math 2.  I personally didn't do well in her class in the beginning of the year, but I do enjoy the class even though I am over the day because it is the last..

The May Show Is Coming

The Dance Teams May show coming into play. Many dancers at ,Costa Meesa Highschool, have this opportunity to show their interpretation of dreams and what it means to them. Months of prepping go into this show starting from right after the musical and possibly a bit before. You can see many dances from student calligraphed solos to group..