Why is Reading So Addicting?

Reading is a very beneficial activity for you and your brain, but the addiction starts when your obsession with reading is connected with the real world. Why is reading so addicting, and how do people become addicted?

Basmo calls the addiction of reading bibliomania, which means excessive fondness of acquiring and collecting books. Then they state reasons why you’re addicted to reading or developing an addiction.


The reasons are you lose track of time, you cancel your plans in order to read, you spend most of your money on books, and you can’t seem to lend a book to a friend. 

There’s a solution to stop your addiction to reading. Basmo suggests first you realize that reading has been becoming a problem for you and start examining your mental health to find out how bad your problem with reading is.

If you caught your addiction early, then you’ll most likely be able to fix it yourself. But if it’s too late, then Basmo recommends therapy. Through therapy, you can fix the underlying issue of your addiction. 

Basmo found that reading is good for your brain, but also found how being addicted to reading is a problem, and they give a solution to how you can get rid of your addiction.


Reading can be very addicting to many people for different reasons. One of the reasons could be because people desire anything that could let them escape reality, or the desire to avoid whatever reality is throwing at them. Or simply because reading calms us down and gives a few minutes of relaxation.

Your Brains on Books wrote that reading helps with improving brain and memory function, And that reading will keep your brain from operating more efficiently as you age. Reading will reduce stress, promote relaxation, and improve your sleep. 

On Medium.com, they give reasons why you should make reading an everyday habit. Reading strengthens and lights up your brain, expands your knowledge, enhances your creativity and imagination, and improves your concentration and focus. 

Studies from Medium.com say that reading improves memory through constantly engaging your brain. 


Now I’ve given many reasons why reading is so good for your brain, but once reading becomes an obsession, then people may start hurting themselves. 

This addiction may not be as serious as some other addictions, but it’s still worth paying attention too.