What You Need to Know About Working as a Woman

Women have come a long way from back when they couldn’t even vote. But what about unequal pay between men and women?

I think it's known that women are paid less depending on their education, career, ethnicity, motherhood/maternity and more, but the most important factor is their gender.

According to Pew Research Center, 82 cents, on average, is the amount that women earn for every dollar a man has made.

Maternity leave and age are a large part of the reason for this gap, also affect your ability to get the job that you want. Many women go on maternity leave in the latter stages of their pregnancies and to take care of their newborn babies.

They aren’t able to work during this time, so this is used as a reason to pay women less.

Additionally, the pay gap tends to increase as women (and men) age. This is because they start off relatively even, but more promotions and raises go to men, and so they end up far ahead. 

Lastly, generally it's your education that predicts your future workplace.

It's common for those with lower education to drop out of college or only have a high school diploma.

These people are working lower paying jobs. Therefore, having a degree for a field you want to work in does the opposite, allowing you to work your dream job while being able to afford anything you desire with all the money that you earn.