The Quarantine Quintet

Was your birthday last year boring? Many people found out ways to safely celebrate birthdays such as having a drive-by or going to a restaurant for outdoor dining. But if you want to amp up the entertainment level, invite The Quarantine Quintet to your next socially-distanced party!

The Quarantine Quintet is a group of talented musicians who play for outdoor celebrations while staying safely 6 feet apart to accommodate for COVID-19. The best part is that this group is made up of students from Costa Mesa High School! 

The Quarantine Quintet includes a trombone, drum, tuba, and two trumpet players. They play a variety of songs depending on what you are celebrating; or if there is a song that you really want them to play, you can let them know ahead of time so that they can learn it! In the past, The Quarantine Quintet have played songs such as Birthday Fanfare, Havana, Runaway Baby, Beatles Birthday, My Girl, Surfin USA, patriotic songs, and so much more. 

“My favorite part about being in The Quarantine Quintet is seeing the looks on peoples faces and their reactions when we come and play for them, because a lot of the time it’s a surprise,” says Caitlyn Roum, head of the Quarantine Quintet. “I recommend that The Quarantine Quintet play at your next party because we are full of fun, we have diverse songs, and all of our members are from Costa Mesa High School or went to Costa Mesa High School, so you’d be supporting people in your community” Roum says. 

Interested? You can direct-message the Quarantine Quintet through their instagram @quarantine_quintet to schedule a time and place for them to play for you!