The Changes Are ‘a Comin’: Teacher Union

Over the past few weeks the school board and the teachers of the Newport Mesa School District have been debating on what is best for them and their students. Although the teachers felt underappreciated, they decided to take the best deal they could get. 

Some students have noticed teachers have been wearing blue union shirts to stand together. For months these teachers have been trying to make the learning environment a safe and fun place for students and staff alike.

Unfortunately, the school calendar is about to change. The students of Costa Mesa’s start date is Monday August 4, 2020 and will get out June 10, 2021. The semesters also change, making finals week the week before we go on break instead of weeks after. Therefore, there will be 79 days for the first semester and 101 days for the second semester. 

But why are the days of the semesters such a big deal? One plus of this semester change is that AP teachers have more time to teach students the material needed to set students up for their AP tests in May. In our current schedule, teachers have one month less for that preparation.