Sublime’s Story is Finally being told!

Sony’s 3000 Pictures is getting together with The Hunger Games director, Francis Lawrence, writer Chris Mundy, and the living members and producers of Sublime. To make a biopic movie. Sublime's Bud Gaugh and Eric Wilson will be executive producers for the film. Troy Dendekker, Widow to Bradley Nowell, and Nowell's son Jakob Nowell, represent the late singer's estate.


The only news we know about the film is that the deal between Sublime and 3000 Pictures has been done. We know this as 3000 pictures and Sublime announced it on their instagrams September 15. Filming has not yet started, and there is no confirmed cast yet. 


Sublime was a reggae rock/ska punk band formed in Long Beach California. The band consists of 3 members: drummer, Bud Gaugh, bassist, Eric Wilson, and guitarist/ vocalist, Bradley Nowell. The Band Had a very short life span and only lasted from 1988 to 1996. And just before they became one the most famous bands ever, tragedy struck. Nowell, died of a Heroin overdose while on tour in northern California May 25, 1996. Gaugh and Wilson's opinions on drugs changed after singer Nowell’s death. They have promoted an anti drug message in their latest bands.

They Played in, The Long Beach Dub All-stars and Sublime with Rome, To spread awareness of drugs and how it impacted their lives.

Check out this Awesome Performance of Sublime's "Saw Red" Featuring Gwen Stefani. From the band, No Doubt.