Sebestian Haller AKA “F*ck Cancer”

Imagine having aspired your entire life to play professional football (soccer) and you succeed. Playing for over 10 years, but suddenly you're struck with shocking news—you have cancer. This is the story of Sebastian Haller. 

Haller is a striker who currently plays for German club—Borussia Dortmund. He had just signed with the club in July 2022. During pre-season in Switzerland, the striker felt unwell and underwent no tests, which revealed a malignant tumor. The official diagnosis was testicular cancer.

 Since that day he has undergone two surgeries followed by chemotherapy, and six motnhs later, Haller has now beat cancer.  Haller has expressed his hardships by saying that “the times were difficult, but he is happy to be back and have support from the fans.”

Despite his setbacks, Haller has been training hard and even featured in a friendly match against FC Basel. Following this match, he would later come in as a sub in a league game vs Augsburg. He has notoriously now been seen all around the world for wearing cleats that stated “f*ck cancer” on the side, truly embracing his victory over cancer and coming back stronger than before. 

Haller's coverage over the past few months has been brief, but everyone in the football community is grateful for his triumph over cancer. It’s truly beautiful to see a smile on his face as he now returns to football on a daily basis.