Portugal and Italy Don’t Qualify for the World Cup

Portugal and Italy don't qualify for the World Cup.

Kind of. 

Over 13 teams have qualified for the World cup officially, 10 of which come from the European group. 

While most of the usual teams have qualified such as France, Spain, England, and Belgium, some big names have not qualified for the 2022 World Cup - including Portugal and Italy.

Ronaldo's Portugal fell short of qualification after a comeback from Serbia in which they beat Portugal 2-1 with a late goal from striker Mitrovic.

This allowed the Serbians to qualify officially for Qatar 2022. 

Portugal's loss shocked the football world; nothing is more shocking than seeing the European Champions fall short of qualification.

Italy's spectacular run in Euro 2021 saw the Italians bring home the championship for the second time in history, the first one being in 1968.

While the Italians seemed to be the next big threat in international competitions, they have not qualified for the world cup. 

With a tie against Northern Ireland seeing the Italians fall short, the Irish produced a spectacular defensive performance that the Italians couldn’t penetrate. 

The possibility of both of these teams failing to qualify would be an absolute embarrassment to both countries. 

To make matters worse, we could possibly be seeing Ronaldo not be able to play his last World Cup.